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One of the blogs I read most often is written by Ewan McIntosh, a teacher, thinker and new literacies theorist in the UK. He included this image in a recent post , and I was really struck by how it played into the words and ideas of Murray, Rief, Newkirk and other thinkers in the field of composition rattling around my head. Any reading is a re-writing, in part through the process of connecting and combining of that text in dialogue with all of the other things we think, and read, and know. Murray talks about the “new composition teachers” who don’t have all the answers but DO have an inventory of pedagogical strategies ready to deploy. He explains “all we see or hear connects with something else, passing through out unconscious and conscious until it ripens into a subject that is ready to write” (11). So, that leads me to wonder – we’ve all had those brilliant, compelling teachers who captivate our thinking and inspire us to work harder. Do those teachers have the largest treasure trove or collection of texts and ideas to draw from – or is it the way in which they interweave and connect those texts and ideas (and, perhaps, tools) that they do have?