Interview with author…

If you are interested, here is an audio interview with the author from my last post.


One response to “Interview with author…

  1. This interview was very interesting. I wasn’t sure what to expect by the title either. Mark Bauerlein makes some very interesting points about technology, education and student assessment scores. I feel that technology can be beneficial for students of all ages. Depending on how it is used it could hinder or aid student academics. If used in a balance approach I feel technology in the classroom could be highly profitable. The example Sara gave in class about the high school students talking with one another about American and Chinese(?)history is an exemplary activity for those students to learn more about each other’s cultures and the history of their culture.

    I would like to know more about the author’s research in order to further discuss the student achievement, or lack there of, in this podcast. I don’t know how he is measuring the students’ abilities based on the use of technology in their reading and writing scores.

    I am interested in your comments after you listen to this podcast. Please share!

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